Bull Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

Bull Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

4820 N. Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

I had the privilege of visiting a new establishment in Tampa with some associates. Let me tell you, if you’ve never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse, it’s time to add it to your bucket list. Sure there are a handful to choose from and I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t tried them all. After experiencing the Bull Grill Brazilian Steakhouse, I doubt I will. When I say “experiencing the Bull Grill,” that is exactly what I mean. This is more than just a place to eat. This is a place where you experience a variety of flavor in all of the decadence of which Brazilian food is meant to be enjoyed. You just have to remember the rules and you’ll be perfectly fine.

First, enjoy the buffet. It’s fresh and it’s amazing. Even the rice has a freshness you rarely find on any buffet. The drumsticks and roast simply melt in your mouth. From chicken potato salad to macaroni salad, garbanzo bean salad or just a traditional salad, there’s plenty to go around no matter what your taste buds are in the mood for.

Second, if you are on a diet, take a break. Better yet don’t eat for a day prior to visiting Bull Grill. As with any buffet, your instinct is load the plate and come back for seconds or thirds or fourths. Your eyes will deceive you. The buffet is there only to warm you up and get those taste buds excited. Resist the temptation to pile it high and wide. Trust me, the buffet will still be there later if you want to make a return trip or two.

Third, pay attention to the little circle cardboard thing on the table. It is not a coaster for your beverage. One side is red and one side is green. In case there is confusion, red is for stop and green is for go. Learn it quickly. You will need this for the next rule.

Fourth, shortly after you sit and while you are plowing through the food you so carefully picked from the buffet, a chef will arrive at your table with a sword. Embedded on the sword will be some variety of meat. He will present you with one of their specialties that was likely just taken off the fire in their state of the art kitchen. This is where the experience part of your dining begins!! Don’t be shy! Give him a thumbs up and he will carve a perfectly cooked slice of Sirloin, Filet Mignon or the ever popular Brazilian Picanah. Different chefs will continue to visit your table to serve beef, chicken, pork, ribs and sausage as long as your card is green. There is nothing to fear. If you need a break, just turn your card over to red and they will stop. Rinse and Repeat.

Fifth, have your sever recommend a bottle of their best wine. This is a must to get the full dining experience.

The sixth rule is probably the most difficult to adhere to. You MUST save room for desert. I’ll admit I failed miserably. As the server rattled off the list of Brazilian specialties I realized the extent of my error. I declined her generous offering. As she walked away, another server passed our table with a hearty slice of the coconut flan, the one thing our server had mentioned that nearly convinced me there are worse things in the middle of the day than a completely irreversible food coma. I felt a conspiracy brewing against my colleagues and I. Still, I held firm saving the small amount of pride I had left. But with it I vowed to return. Next time, I would be better prepared.

With the experience complete, my associates and I left the Bull Grill. Mind you, I only left in spirit. A piece of my heart stayed there. Come dinner time, despite the thought of eating even a mint made my stomach ache, my heart kept calling back, telling me I had it in me and not to give into such weakness. Tomorrow is another day I reminded myself. Tomorrow my body will heal and the first steps to conquering Bull Grill will begin!

When you plan to visit the Bull Grill Brazilian Steakhouse, call ahead at dinner time to make a reservation. They have only been open about a month, but judging from the lunch crowd, the place is going to catch on quick. It’s not all that big and there isn’t really anywhere to wait so make sure to plan accordingly. Also, the prices are comparable to your average steakhouse. There isn’t a menu so they’re no decisions to make. Just stop in, let them seat you, and the adventure begins!

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